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PKS Apparel and Gear

An excellent way for you to promote and raise awareness of PKS and PKS Kids is to wear our logo!! Visit our store at to buy shirts and bracelets with more items coming soon! 

December 4th is PKS Awareness Day!

We would love nothing more than a national PKS Awareness Day each and every December 4th.  Starting at the state level is a great way to get there. Below are examples of letters families sent their state governments, as well as some other ways they tried to help raise awareness on PKS Day.

Some things that have been done:

  • having yard signs made and placed around town

  • placing "Pennies for PKS" cannisters in various places of business

  • having a pre-game walk and tailgate at the local high school football game

  • having t-shirts made up and selling them to friends and family

  • ask a local restaurant to donate proceeds from the day or the week to PKS Kids

  • Collect change for the month of December; it's amazing how quickly that adds up!!

  • Host an adult prom or family fun event

  • Host a direct sales fundraiser.

YOU can do what works for you and your area! Here are some examples of letters families sent to their state governments:


Speak Out

Speaking about PKS in a biology class, to nursing or therapist students or to an elementary school.

Let us know how you help raise awareness of Pallister-Killian Syndrome! 

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